The Occupational Therapist provides rehabilitation support for those who are frail or recovering from illness or injury so they can achieve independence. The Occupational Therapist works work with people of all ages who, because of physical, developmental, social or emotional problems need specialised assistance to lead productive and satisfying lives. Occupational Therapist focuses on developing and maintaining people’s skills, essential for a person’s safe and meaningful life.

The Occupational Therapist works with the health care team to assist with a safe and early discharge from the Acute Unit by assessing the ability of the client to complete everyday tasks in their home and community and then provide rehabilitation or aids and equipment so they can perform their daily activity tasks.

The Occupational Therapists provides personal alarm information and assessments, can advise on home modifications, prescribe or recommend aids and equipment to maximise safety and independence, and can provide education to individuals and groups in the community on issues such as scooter safety, falls prevention and time and stress management.