The physiotherapists deal with injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments and are able to assist in rehabilitation of people after strokes and brain injuries. They also help treat the heart and lungs. The physiotherapists provide treatment of conditions to all community members of all ages as well as promote a healthy lifestyle.
A physiotherapist’s role in the hospital setting is to make sure that people are moving safely after surgeries and accidents, as well as being able to assist patients to clear their airways, which reduces their length of stay in hospital.
Working in Community Health, a physiotherapist treats people who may have suffered an injury playing sport or at work. This could be due to incorrect movements or as a result of not moving. A physiotherapist uses massage, exercise, walking aids, taping and education in order to help maximise the patient’s recovery and help prevent the injury from reoccurring.
Working in Aged Care, a physiotherapist has an extra focus on mobility preservation, falls prevention and pain management. Main treatment strategies include the prescription and use of mobility aids, regular exercise groups, education and massage.