The acute ward at the Warracknabeal campus is a 12-bed general ward staffed by registered and enrolled nurses with either advanced or basic life support qualifications while Hopetoun’s is a four-bed general ward.

After hours there is the added support of an on-call Medical roster that includes two doctors and a nurse practitioner in Warracknabeal who are also on call for Hopetoun.

We provide medical care, palliative care, rehabilitation and post-operative care as well as a triage bay to care for more serious conditions/accidents awaiting transfers to hospitals at bigger centres. Warracknabeal also has a nurse led after-hours limited x-ray service.

We are able to provide treatments and monitoring for conditions such as heart problems, breathing problems, burns, infections, allergies, motor vehicles accidents, fractures, psychiatric crisis and more.

Fees for services provided to Medicare Ineligible Patients

Services to Medicare ineligible clients

Health services are required to set fees for clients not covered by Medicare, including overseas clients. Some overseas clients are entitled to financial assistance because of Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (evidence of which will be required).

The following table provides a guide to average costs per day/per encounter for services provided to Medicare ineligible clients. Please note that this is a guideline only and that fees charged to Medicare ineligible clients will be determined at the time of treatment.


Accommodation charges

Same day – single room – $410 per day

Same day – shared ward – $426 per day

Overnight (multi-day) – single room – $837 per day

Overnight (multi-day) – shared ward – $749 per day

Urgent Care Centre – $582 per day

Hospital in the Home – $345 per day



Medical – $335 per encounter

Allied Health – $175 per encounter

Postnatal care – $98 per hour

Hospitalised patients or outpatients requiring an x-ray or ultrasound will need to pay an additional fee ranging between $39.75 and $340, depending on the type of procedure required.

Updated: July, 2018