The volunteer program has approximately 55 active volunteers. Roles that the volunteers undertake are wide and varied with some volunteers offering 1-2 hours each month and others offering several hours or days weekly. Each and every volunteer is valued greatly as the time that they give enhances the lives and social outcomes for the residents at Yarriambiack Lodge.

Our Volunteers all come in many and varied roles and sizes! There is no one “size” fits all. The diversity of the volunteers range from the RNH Warracknabeal auxiliary who play a vital role in raising funds and awareness for RHH, the volunteer drivers who transport residents to appointments, volunteer artists who attend Yarriambiack lodge several times a year to play an instrument and sing, untake art works and students who visit the residents within the literacy program.

Many of our volunteers engage with the residents by dinning with them, accompanying the resident on outings, enjoy a cuppa with them or playing scrabble, cards, bingo etc.

Our Volunteers are people of all ages who come from all walks of life. They are the people who give the most valuable gift – the gift of their time, experience, skills and enthusiasm to help others and their communities. Their volunteer contribution benefits the residents, our community, the organisation and the volunteer.

The work of volunteers across our health service can vary considerably. The volunteer is “matched” to an area of skill or interest and then they share this with the resident’s. Our Volunteers are a direct link to the community and are a considerable support to clients in the delivery of services. Our program is enhanced and richer with the support of volunteers. Rural Northwest Health appreciates volunteer involvement in their programs, and as such aim to provide a supportive work environment to all our volunteers.

If you’d like to volunteer you can register with us by clicking the button below.