Rotations include:

  • urgent/acute care;
  • residential aged care,
  • Optional 12 week rotation to Ballarat Base Hospital.

Learning Opportunities

  • Graduates will have regular contact with dedicated full-time Graduate Support Nurses.
  • Supernumerary days are provided for each rotation and more can be negotiated if required
  • Generous number of Study days offered throughout the year
  • One on one mentoring sessions

Acute Care Skills: Venepuncture and blood pathology collection, stoma care, IDC insertion, complex wound care, blood product administration and other IV therapies, recognising clinical deterioration, nursing management of diabetes, oxygen therapy, nasogastric/PEG feeds, pain assessment and management, Clinical documentation and communication, management of sepsis, 12 lead ECG, safe medication management

Extension skills for RN graduates:

  • Central venous device competency
  • Intravenous cannulation competency
  • Triage nursing and emergency care
  • Advanced Life Support