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Rural Northwest Health is committed to staff development and we back this commitment by offering a broad education program that allows staff to experience a wide range of programs.

We are excited about our programs on offer because they are specific to our staff needs and are delivered by the very best educators. A great example is our unique ‘Mindfulness at Work’ program which has been developed specifically for our organisation and has already provided huge benefits to our staff.

Our LEAN training is an accredited program that supports staff to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in customer focus so they have time to make a difference to the people for which they care.

The ‘Leadership’ program is about giving staff the opportunities to develop and gain leadership skills. The leadership program is available for all staff, irrespective of their position. Everyone at Rural Northwest Health can be a leader.

‘Essential Training’ is fun – it reflects the fish principles so you have fun while learning important RNH procedures and new programs.

We also work closely with our stakeholders and through our highway model, we offer training from Wimmera Health Care Group. Our ‘Nurse Graduate’ program is aligned with Ballarat Health Service.

Anyone who works at Rural Northwest is able to learn something and will have the chance to do so.

Head to our calendar to see the latest information on our education events.


Due to the configuration of health service delivery and staffing structures, enrolled nurses working in residential care are required to work as clinical team leaders. This role includes the provision of daily care and, under the supervision of the registered nurse, overseeing the care provided by carers and junior team members during a shift. Therefore, the underlying premise of the graduate enrolled nurse program is to prepare our graduates for this role.

A graduate year is an important transition period from student nurse to enrolled nurse and, may be for some, a stepping stone to becoming a registered nurse in the future. The year facilitates consolidation of knowledge, skills and confidence in the provision of safe quality nursing care. As a graduate in a small rural health service, this year will also be used to build professional capabilities and attributes required to practice as an enrolled nurse in a rural context. During this year you will take on responsibilities including: the provision of daily care, leading a small clinical team under the supervision of the registered nurse, working with nursing students on placement, and being a positive clinical role model to others.

The Year Ahead

The graduate year is about consolidating clinical practice skills while learning about the resident/patient experience and; learning about the roles and responsibilities of the team members (including the interdisciplinary team members) you will come to rely upon, to achieve safe quality care. You will;

  • Work within the team providing direct resident/patient care, which includes ADLs, hygiene care, assessment, planning and evaluation of care, medication administration, nursing procedures, documentation and communication with the interdisciplinary team.
  • Meet Health & Safety and safe practice requirements as set out in the organisation protocols, accreditation standards, and legislative requirements.
  • Gain experience as a team leader ensuring safe resident care by providing direct care while supporting care practices of others within the clinical team.
  • Experience the breadth of care provided in a rural context from birth to death, including: residential care, acute care and community care.
  • Learn to become a reflective practitioner and accept accountability for your practice as an enrolled nurse.


The program includes both theoretical and clinical components.

The Clinical Program

Graduates will be based in residential care with rotations to all areas including our specialised Award winning and internationally recognised Memory Support Unit. Rotations to the Acute Care unit and a community based observation rotation are designed to enhance the graduate’s assessment skills and understanding that care extends beyond the walls of the health service. Graduates will be supported by our Clinical Support Nurse and experienced ENs and RNs to consolidate their skills and ensure safe practice. All graduates are required to complete a set of clinical competencies during their year.

The Theoretical Program

Graduates will participate in dedicated graduate study days with RN graduates and attend specialised aged care and memory support/dementia training. Individual learning plans will be developed during the year to reflect the development needs of each graduate as they grow as a professional nurse.


A new graduate enrolled nurse program will begin on September 3, running for 52 weeks including annual leave. It will include residential care with rotations to Acute and Community Health.

To find out more, visit the Employment page on this website.


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