Helping you live well

Our wellbeing coordinators will help you to live well. They are your first point of contact when you need help.

Our wellbeing coordinators will work with you to arrange care and support, no matter what your age or need. They will help you with support for family, friends and carers.

They will help you live well with:

  • working things out when nothing makes sense
  • when you need transport
  • getting equipment and care in the home
  • being there when you need something
  • planning your care

Your wellbeing coordinator can visit you in your home – even if you live on a farm. There is no cost for wellbeing coordination but if you need further assistance from doctors or clinicians, the usual fees will apply for those particular services.

Phone a wellbeing coordinator today on Freecall 1800 667 301

Happy clients who have used the service have responded…

“I was provided information I wouldn’t have known about and would have been hard for me to find.” 


“They made everything so much easier”


“They made me aware of a lot of things available that I could access”


“They helped to work things out”


“It was helpful to know that if I needed something she was there to call”


“The continual follow-up and contact was very helpful”


Phone a wellbeing coordinator today on Freecall 1800 667 301
This is a free service.