Community Health provides local health services that promote the health and wellbeing of the Warracknabeal, Beulah and Hopetoun communities. With a large range of services, Rural Northwest Health (RNH) Community Health aims to be responsive to the needs of the community while working together with individuals and families to provide a person-centred approach. Our services are affordable and local to ensure that all members of the community can access and receive quality health services.

With a team of qualified health professionals working together, RNH Community Health can get you on the road to optimal health and wellbeing.

Cost Community Health has extremely affordable fees for all its services.
Low Income Earners $10 per visit
Middle Income Earners $15 per visit
High Income Earners $25 per visit
Contact To make an appointment for services call directly
Warracknabeal (03) 5396 1238
Beulah (03) 5396 8200
Hopetoun (03) 5083 2000
  • Exercise Physiology

    The Clinical Exercise Physiologist provides specialised exercise prescription for all age groups and abilities.

  • Speech Pathology

    The Speech Pathologist provides a range of services to help with speech, language, voice, fluency and swallowing.

  • Dietetics

    The Dietitian provides information and consultation on issues relating to diet and nutrition.

  • Community Health Education

    The Community Health Team provides health information and education sessions on health for groups, schools and individuals.

  • Foot Care

    The foot care nurses help take the burden off the podiatrist’s huge workload. Once the podiatrist has assessed a client, they may then be referred to the foot care nurse.

  • Asthma Support

    Assessment and assistance for anyone who has asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, shortness of breath or any other respiratory complaint.

  • Occupational Therapy

    The Occupational Therapist provides rehabilitation support for those who are frail or recovering from illness or injury so they can achieve independence.

  • Counselling

    The counsellor provides intervention plans with individuals, families and groups and offers counselling and psychotherapy.

  • Physiotherapy

    The physiotherapists deal with injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments and assist in rehabilitation after strokes and brain injuries. They also help treat the heart and lungs.

  • Diabetes Education

    The Diabetes Nurse/Educator works with individuals and groups within the community to promotet a better understanding of diabetes.

  • Massage Therapy

    Massage Therapy helps to relieve stress, muscle aches, pain, stiffness and tension build-up while also promoting relaxation, wellbeing and a better quality of life.

  • Social Worker

    The Social Worker supports people with social, emotional, environmental, cultural and financial difficulties and how they complicate physical recovery and future well-being.

  • Podiatry

    The Podiatrist promotes the importance of good foot health as an essential component to quality of life. Podiatry is a key element of preventative medicine.