Rural Northwest Health provides a Telehealth service at Hopetoun and Warracknabeal.

Telehealth uses video cameras and monitors to connect clients or medical staff to health specialists in major centres, reducing the need to travel to receive care.

Both parties can see hear and talk to each other which for the majority of consultations, is all that’s required. A health specialist consultation with a patient or client can be held in complete privacy though in some cases, a nurse or clinician may need to be present to support an examination and provide qualified data.

The use of Telehealth video conferencing technology will provide a huge saving with travel, time and accommodation costs for anyone that uses it.
Telehealth consultations are also available at the region’s medical centres. Medicare provides a rebate to your doctor and the specialist you are video conferencing with for the Telehealth consultation, however both your doctor and the specialist may require a fee above the Medicare rate.