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Warracknabeal couple Enid and Edward Schultz are the epitome of what love and life are all about.

When they married 66 years ago, Enid’s mother joked that they wouldn’t last two years because of the 11-year gap in their age. Yet here they are, a million hugs later and still very much in love and wanting to do everything together.

That includes an individualised weekly exercise program at Rural Northwest Health’s Warracknabeal campus gym. Under the watchful eye of exercise physiologist Britenie Power, the couple complete their regular but varied program which usually includes a 10-minute bike ride that they have gradually increased to four kilometres.

Next is usually a weight session and a series of other strengthening and balance exercises that Britenie prescribes for them as she sees fit. The 45-minute session is impressive enough for any retiree but the couple work through their routine always with a smile.

Not bad when you consider Enid is a spritely 87 and Ed is 98.

Britenie is a huge fan of the couple and is amazed with their resolve.

“They are just my favourite couple,” Britenie said.

“They have been together forever and yet they are just so passionate and driven,” she said.

“It’s that determination that seems to drive them to sustain their fitness and live healthy happy lives.

“It’s what we all want to do and Ed and Enid are showing us that you can do it forever.”

Enid said they wanted to keep fit in preparation for their favourite activity.

“We both love old time dancing and we’ve been doing it for more than 40 years,” Enid said.

“It’s kept us fit and active and it’s something we enjoy doing together,” she said.

“The only trouble is there aren’t many dances to attend these days so we had to look at an alternative.

“That’s why we contacted Britenie and asked if she could develop a regular exercise program for us.”

Edward said they really enjoyed attending the sessions with Britenie.

“It keeps us fit,” he said.

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## To watch Enid and Edward tell their inspirational story, follow the YouTube link:

Caption:RNH exercise physiologist Britenie Power guides Enid and Edward Schultz through their exercise program.


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