Beulah, Hopetoun, St Mary’s and Warracknabeal Primary Schools received early Christmas gifts when Rural Northwest Health donated bikes to each school as part of the Active Travel initiative recently.

A pioneering project led by Rural Northwest Health, the Active Travel initiative is a significant step towards encouraging healthier, more environmentally conscious modes of transport among primary students. Aimed at encouraging the students to consider their mode of transport while fostering an active lifestyle, the initiative will also see bike education introduced to the curriculum at each school.

This, in turn will nurture the students’ physical well-being and instill a sense of responsibility and safety awareness.

Rural Northwest Health donated five children’s bikes and one adult bike, with Health Promotions Coordinator Joe Guta pleased that the initiative will inspire students to embrace active travel, not just as a physical activity but as a lifestyle choice that contributes to their overall well-being and the health of the planet.

“This donation exemplifies both Rural Northwest Health’s, and the schools’, commitment to educating young minds about the importance of healthy and sustainable living choices,” he said.