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Wimmera health agencies are confident a new video promoting the uniqueness of the region will help to attract health workers from all corners of the globe.

The four health agencies of the Wimmera Southern-Mallee Health Alliance (WSMHA) launched the video release on Wednesday at the Regional Best Practice and Innovation Forum at Goroke Community Health Centre.

The video clip takes a brief look at the range of people from different backgrounds that have made the move to the region to work and encourages people to consider the Wimmera and Southern-Mallee as a great step for career and lifestyle.

The health services will use the clip on their individual websites, job advertising platforms and social media networks in the hope to highlight the positives of living and working in the region.

Team members profiled in the clip include:

  • Kathleen Ballinger (Edenhope and District Memorial Health Service)
  • Ngareta Melgren (Rural Northwest Health)
  • Charlie Sittichochaitawee (West Wimmera Health Service)
  • Feby Baulose (West Wimmera Health Service)
  • Yakep Angue (Wimmera Health Care Group)

WSMHA chair Leo Casey said the video was impressive and would help attract a varied range of health professionals.

“When people look for work in health professional roles, they look at the entire region and its opportunities” Mr Casey said.

“The clip will help show the opportunities for both career progression and great work-life balance in the Wimmera and Southern-Mallee” he said.

“We believe the passion we have and our people have for this region comes across in the clip and will help promote the Wimmera and Southern-Mallee as a great destination for a range of people across the health sector.

It is up to us as a region to convince everyone else what we know is great about everything on our doorstep, this is one way we can do this.”

The video clip, produced by Horsham videographer Lynton Brown, can be viewed on YouTube using the link





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