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Best of luck to our finalists in the 2018 Betty Richardson awards. The winner will be announced at a special dinner on April 17th.


Kathleen Poulton

Kathy Poulton

Wellbeing Coordinator

Kathy has a perfect record of nominations for this award which proves she consistently sets a high level of dedication to her work.

Kathy is a founding member of the wellbeing coordination team and she has assumed the role just as efficiently as she has with other tasks allocated to her in recent times. Nothing is too much trouble and she is just as supportive to her teammates as she is to her clients.

Kathy has been personally and professionally challenged many times and every time has risen above it and maintained a positive attitude, advocated for the change and always put clients first. In Kathy’s words “I am here for the clients” and Kathy truly displays this in every way as a valued team member. Without Kathy’s ongoing drive to make life better for our clients, the wellbeing model would not be the success it is today.


Gay Seebohm

Gay Seebohm

Registered Nurse, Hopetoun

Gay is the ultimate example of a team player. Wherever there is a job to be done, Gay is happy to step in and assume the role for as long as it is needed. She always has a friendly smile and a calming resolve which helps her team mates to better deal with crisis situations.

A quiet achiever, Gay’s first priority is always care of the client. She works in Hopetoun as an RN on the floor and manages the team well to provide the best outcomes for all. She always involves the client and the team in planning care. She also works in District Nursing and collaborates well with the wellbeing team to provide the same holistic care in the community. Gay is also a valued member in Beulah where she provides District Nursing and outpatient care to the community clients.

Gay never seeks praise or thanks and likes to go about her role unnoticed.

Gay will always make sure that everyone’s care needs are met. Those times when she gets stuck in Urgent Care she remains calm and confident and manages the team so that no one is deprived of care. She has assisted with clients in the community and in Urgent Care with mental health issues, ensuring that not only medical needs are met but basic and emotional needs as well.


Jodie Malcolm

Activities worker, Hopetoun campus

Jodie is only paid to work for two hours a day at the Hopetoun campus but she dedicates much more time as a volunteer. Jodie loves the aged care residents and spends as much time as she can supporting them. She helps them with their footy tips, takes them for walks in the garden and she bakes the best chocolate chip cookies in Hopetoun for them.

As someone who is so trusted and respected by both residents and colleagues, Jodie achieves and demonstrates outstanding support daily by those lucky enough to work with her. Her commitment and dedication shows she is passionate and extremely generous to each and every resident and she strives to improve their quality of care.


Leonie Cheney

Leonie Cheney

Environmental Services, Warracknabeal campus

Leonie, better known as Lee, is the definitive quiet achiever. She performs her role with dedication and intent in a ‘head down bum up’ manner. Her attention to detail is first class and she tackles every job, no matter how unpleasant, without any complaints and a ‘let’s get on with it’ attitude.

Lee has seen many big changes in recent times, none bigger than the move to the new acute after stage two redevelopment. It presented new challenges that Lee just accepted without question.

Lee is very respectful to all patients and maintains a high level of confidentiality at all times. She is very compassionate and this can be seen with her interactions with patients.

She is very person centred. When given a compliment, lee looks down and accepts it in a very quiet manner – almost embarrassed to have received the compliment.

Lee gets on well with all team members, particularly those from both the Environmental Services and Acute teams.   She does go that ‘extra mile’ without being asked and this demonstrates the pride she takes in everything she does.


Jamie Horton and Heath McGrath

Heath McGrath and Jamie Horton


Heath and Jamie regularly work together and always perform their tasks with a smile on their face. They work well as a team and add a professional touch to their end product. They will constantly make suggestions to improve an outcome and don’t mind if the task takes a little longer to complete or requires extra attention to detail.

Heath and Jamie are the personification of the Fish Principles. They certainly have fun and they make each resident who comes into contact with them, feel special. Their rapport with the residents is outstanding and they interact with them very naturally no matter what their deficits are, either physically or cognitively. If there is work to be done in a resident’s room, they always put them first and are very respectful and consultative with them to ensure they meet their needs.

They have both spent the last two months in Wattle and both Jamie and Heath have a great understanding of the residents there. They know what to talk to them about and what they like to do. They interact with the residents very naturally and they really do see the person beyond their disease.

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