Services to Medicare ineligible clients

Health services are required to set fees for clients not covered by Medicare, including overseas clients. Some overseas clients are entitled to financial assistance because of Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (evidence of which will be required).

The following table provides a guide to average costs per day/per encounter for services provided to Medicare ineligible clients. Please note that this is a guideline only and that fees charged to Medicare ineligible clients will be determined at the time of treatment.


Accommodation charges

Same day – single room – $406 per day

Same day – shared ward – $422 per day

Overnight (multi-day) – single room – $828 per day

Overnight (multi-day) – shared ward – $741 per day

Urgent Care Centre – $573 per day

Hospital in the Home – $341 per day



Medical – $331 per encounter

Allied Health – $172 per encounter

Postnatal care – $97 per hour